Rainforest Coffee Co. 100% Premium Organic Shadegrown Coffee (Medium Roast)

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Rainforest Coffee Co.Organic Shadegrown Coffee

✔️ 100% Premium Organic Shadegrown Coffee

✔️ Single Origin Artisan Raosted - Medium Roasted to conserve flavors 

✔️ No Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, or Fungicides

✔️ Rainforest Alliance & USDA Organic Certified

✔️ Naturally smoother, sweeter, & less acidic

✔️ Hints of dark chocolate & vanilla

✔️ 3 trees planted for every purchase

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What are the growing details?

Altitude: 1,300 - 1,700 meters (4,270 - 5,580 feet)

Tree Type: Bourbon and Typica (USDA-795) 

Climate: Wet Season: September - February; Dry Season: February - August

Shade: Our coffee is shade-grown and Rainforest Alliance Certified, using Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine, and Orange trees for shade.

Preparation & Drying: We prefer to use the wet-hulled method, which removes the outer skin of the red coffee cherries by pulping machine in the late afternoon or evening. The mucilage-covered parchment is then put into fermentation tanks for 24 to 36 hours. After washing, the clean parchment is sun-dried on racks or mats to 40% moisture, then it is hulled and the drying process is complete.

Cupping Characteristics: The cup starts off with low acidity and a smooth, syrupy body. An accompaniment of dark chocolate and vanilla bean flavors leads to a bold presence with an unforgettable aftertaste.

Espresso Extraction: Heavy cream, deep chocolate flavors.

Certifications: USDA Organic and Rainforest Alliance™ certified.