How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Depending on your time of order, your order will ship out within 48 business hours. Shipping times vary depending on shipping destination. (Typically 3-5 days)

Where are the beans grown?

A: Our 100% organic shade grown coffee is grown in the breathtaking Kintamani highlands of Bali, nourished by the rich soil of the Gunung Agung volcanic plateau. The Bali government forbids the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals, making it one of the purest places for coffee production today.

Can I use this coffee in my espresso machine?

A: Yes! French Press, Drip, Espresso, Keurig, AeroPress, or Percolators, this coffee is great for your favorite brewing method.

Can I use this coffee in my Keurig?

A: Yes! We recommend a reusable stainless steel K-Cup, and fill with 8-10 grams of ground coffee per 8oz. cup.

Do you have K-Cups available?

A: We do not have K-Cups available at the time, but keep a look out!

How will I know that the 3 trees have been planted?

A: Though our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, rest assured that every purchase you make from Rainforest Coffee Co. will plant 3 trees at one of our reforestation sites.

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What are the growing details?

Altitude: 1,300 - 1,700 meters (4,270 - 5,580 feet)

Tree Type: Bourbon and Typica (USDA-795) 

Climate: Wet Season: September - February; Dry Season: February - August

Shade: Our coffee is shade-grown and Rainforest Alliance Certified, using Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine, and Orange trees for shade.

Preparation & Drying: We prefer to use the wet-hulled method, which removes the outer skin of the red coffee cherries by pulping machine in the late afternoon or evening. The mucilage-covered parchment is then put into fermentation tanks for 24 to 36 hours. After washing, the clean parchment is sun-dried on racks or mats to 40% moisture, then it is hulled and the drying process is complete.

Cupping Characteristics: The cup starts off with low acidity and a smooth, syrupy body. An accompaniment of dark chocolate and vanilla bean flavors leads to a bold presence with an unforgettable aftertaste.

Espresso Extraction: Heavy cream, deep chocolate flavors.

Certifications: Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.