Our Mission

Pure coffee, packed with positive change.

Our goal is simple – deliver pure & delicious fresh-roasted coffee you’ll love, while making a positive impact.

As part of our mission to improving your mornings and delivering a more satisfying cup, 3 trees are planted for every bag of our coffee purchased through our partnership with Eden Projects to revive lost rainforests around the world. Learn more here.

A Note from Our Founder

Growing up I was concerned with destruction of the world’s rainforests, & knowing their importance, I wanted to do something to reverse that trend.

The rainforests are a massive source of oxygen, a hub of countless wildlife, & our Earth’s air filter for carbon & air pollution. With all the talk of Climate Change, the most obvious solution to me was more trees, especially conserving the health of our precious rainforests!

During my college years, I also learned of the high amounts of pesticides in coffee, and as an avid coffee drinker (as well as my father), I became concerned with one of my favorite daily rituals.

So combining these pains, I set off to create a coffee brand aimed at supplying pure organic and specialty coffees that would protect the longterm health of my family, all while helping save Earth’s rainforests!

After all, coffee is one of the main contributors to rainforest deforestation, so it made perfect sense for a coffee brand to step up and take responsibility for our rainforests recovery! 

What you drink matters.

Thank you for choosing Rainforest Coffee Co!