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That first cup of coffee in the morning is a sacred ritual for over 83% of Americans, but organic coffee only accounts for 6.6% of coffee harvested worldwide. Instead of being part of the problem, we’ve searched the world over to bring you high-quality coffee without a high cost to the environment.

Our small batch, non-GMO coffee is free from pesticides and other toxins that put coffee lovers at a higher risk for chronic illnesses. You can enjoy the dark richness of our Shade Grown coffee with a spoonful of peace of mind. We couldn’t do this without our wonderful team of growers, which is why our coffee is Fair Trade.

THREE Trees For Every Bag

Organic coffee saves the world with our Three Tree Promise

Wouldn’t it be great if big corporations give back as much as they take? Don’t wait a lifetime for them to do the right thing when we can change the world together, today. For every bag of coffee sold, three trees spring up in their place. Who knew coffee could be magic! We’ve already planted 2,500 trees of our own to show our commitment to a sustainable supply chain, but we can’t do it alone.

With the purchase of a single bag of fresh-roasted goodness, you and your friends can help make an impact that you can see on our Tree Map!


We’re proud to sustain the environment and livelihoods around the world.

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You can save the rainforest over your morning cup of coffee!

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We engage in ethical business practices that improve lives.

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“Man and Nature
can thrive together.”

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Purchasing one bag of our Rainforest coffee promotes sustainable farming, empowers local growers, and even plants trees!

Make a difference in the world with each cup of deliciousness you enjoy.

Client’s Testimonials

"Some coffee from the bigger corporations out there is just a means to an end, but this organic coffee tastes great while giving me that much-needed kick in the pants every morning.”

Juan, Phoenix AZ

“When it comes to my coffee, its taste is important to me, but so are its origins. I can drink up comfortably knowing this was sustainably sourced and fair trade.”

Peter, Missoula MT

“I’m a health nut and this coffee is perfect for me! Fresh-roasted and non-GMO is the only thing I’ll drink!”

Sarah, Savannah GA

“I prefer a natural product over mass-produced coffee that just tastes gross. I can smell the difference as soon as I open a bag of Rainforest Coffee!”

Monica, Burlington VT