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Earth's Finest Coffee

It all starts in the soil.

Mass produced coffee is one of the highest sprayed crops in the world.

We Believe in a Different Approach. 

Bali’s government forbids the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers, making it one of the purest places in the world for coffee production today.

Volcanic rich soil packed with nutritious minerals, plus the added leaf litter and other plant material from our bird-friendly shade trees, allow this coffee to naturally grow and thrive, resulting in exceptionally delicious coffee - all without the destruction of the rainforest! How's that for a win-win?

We believe in making coffee that we want our own family to drink.

This means challenging the status quo, and going the extra mile to do things right.

From refusing to use harmful chemicals on our coffee, to planting 3 trees for every bag purchased - Every decision we make at Rainforest Coffee Co. is made to inspire a happier & healthier world.

We're committed to providing you and your family with coffee you can trust.

Shade Grown

Premium Organic Coffee

100% Organic

Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee

Rainforest Alliance Certified™

Rainforest Coffee Co. 100% Premium Organic Shadegrown Coffee (Medium Roast)

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