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It all starts in the soil.

Bali’s government forbids the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers, making it one of the purest places in the world for coffee production today.

From the volcanic rich soil packed with nutritious minerals, to the added leaf litter and other plant material from the bird friendly shade trees that conserve the rainforest and the habitats of the local species of animals, we're committed to providing the best coffee from the grounds up. 

"Great coffee with a smooth finish. It's like Starbucks with out the burnt taste. The shade grown beans make a difference. Never going back it's that good!"

- Daniel S.

Best smelling coffee ever! We drink a lot of coffee and this stuff is some of the best we’ve had! Way better than Starbucks. I definitely recommend to everyone. Love the benefits to the rainforests. 3 trees planted for every bag, love it!!!

- Mike H.

What you drink matters.

Pure coffee, packed with positive change.

We believe small actions can lead to big changes.

As part of our mission to improving your mornings, 3 trees are planted for every bag of our coffee purchased through our partnership with Eden Projects.

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