12 Pack Single Serve Coffee Capsules

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A premium organic blend single serve coffee we call 'Original Roast'. This is our signature blend of premium gourmet coffees that make a rich, delicious cup. Each coffee capsule is sealed with no oxygen inside (no air) so the coffee stays fresh. An improved filter design stops coffee from shooting right through the middle, absorbing more grounds for a lively cup, without slowing down the brew time.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Holley

What a way to wake up! Strong and smooth with great flavor. Looking forward to my next cup.

Andrew Witwer
MMM Tasty

The coffee was coffee and tasted like coffee and did all the coffee things coffee does!


Ok coffee. Price is to high for ok coffee

David G.
First time buyer

I ordered the coffee pods from Rainforest Coffee a few weeks ago after learning about them on Instagram.

I loved hearing about the mission of the company and the fact that there are no pesticides applied or other chemicals used to treat their coffee beans. Unfortunately, I did not love the coffee as much as I love their mission statement it tasted very watered down and was lacking any flavor or depth.

However, this might be just because I ordered the coffee pods. I would order from this company again to give them another chance but next time I will order a 12 oz. bag of coffee beans instead of the pods. I think that will give me a much better idea of the flagship offerings from Rainforest.

Otherwise, their customer service was top notch. I had to reach out to them a couple times about a potential delivery issue and received a personalized response back on both occasions within a matter of minutes. The great customer service is why I’m giving a 4 star rating here instead of 3.

Brian Burton
Wife Loves it

I’m not a coffee drink. I bought this for my wife and she loves it. Thank you for putting out a great quality product.